Amber Valetta’s skin routine
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As a beauty editor, the one question I get asked the most is “What skin-care products should I be using?” Well, starting now, I’m going to let a whole bunch of different women answer that question for you in this here new column, where I call up people whose skin-care regimens I want to know about, too. 

Amber Valletta has gorgeous, stunning, flawless skin — skin worthy of all those adjectives that women’s magazines drag out in their celebrity profiles. The model and actress has a philosophy of “more natural, less chemical” when it comes to products and gravitates toward brands like Arcona, which friend Shiva Rose recommended, and Éminence, which practically makes us best friends (sorry, Shiva). She even mixes up her own herbal concoctions (recipes prescribed by her Ayurvedic doctor, Martha Soffer), stored in mason jars to combat acne breakouts (yes, her normal-to-dry yet seemingly perfect complexion is not immune to zits). But even though she takes great care in deciding what goes on to her face, Valletta’s actual routine only takes about five minutes each morning and night. For her, it’s all about keeping things to a minimum. “I’m not one of those people who spends loads and loads of time in front of the mirror,” she says. “Maybe it’s because I’ve spent my whole life in front of the mirror, getting hair and makeup done, that it bores me to tears.” We can get on board with that. Click through the slideshow to check out her whole regimen, including personal snapshots of her “mixes” (which look totally sketchy, but they must work).

“I had an outburst of acne this year for some reason. So I did a major detox with an Ayurvedic doc, Martha Soffer at Surya Spa in Pacific Palisades. She mixes up her own oils and herbs. One of the things I’ve been doing quite frequently in the last few months is incorporating this neem oil that my doctor makes herself. It smells kind of funny, but I mix it with baking soda and put it on my skin. The baking soda is an alkaline, which settles the pH balance in skin. It’s also a natural exfoliant. Also for acne, my doctor gave me an Ayurvedic herbal mixture, custom blended just for my needs, to make my own masks at home. I mix it with the goat milk to make a paste, get into the bathtub, and let the mask sit on my face for fifteen minutes. It looks disgusting. It doesn’t smell that bad, but it looks like witchcraft.  There’s also an oil with a sesame base that’s been infused with Ayurvedic herbs. I put it on for healing and pigmentation issues.  Another thing my doctor told me to do is to wash my face with goats’ milk. It’s a natural lactic acid. I don’t use it every day because I travel a lot, and it doesn’t travel well. Mostly, I’ll just splash it on my face a few times a week after cleansing, then pat dry.”

Posted On June 18th, 2012

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