Panchakarma with Martha Soffer
Part 1

Martha Soffer is a wise, compassionate healer in the Ayurvedic tradition. Surya Spa is her clinic in a house in the Pacific Palisades, where after a session she will feed you a nourishing delicious meal of organic daal and vegetables cooked in coconut oil. I went to her to experience the benefits of the ancient and profound oil and herb treatment called Panchakarma which detoxifies your system as it rebalances. Martha recommends a series of treatments but I felt the benefits after just one session. The herbs are picked out by Martha for what you want to address and then set in hot oil. All the oils used are organic and feel divine being absorbed into the skin. I felt truly blessed to have practitioner Leana and Martha heal my ragged nervous system. In Part 2 we will have a brief video interview with Martha.

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Posted On April 13th, 2013

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