1. The day or night before you intend on eating mung bean pancakes, wash mung beans and rice well, mix together with hot water to cover the combination, and soak overnight. Make sure there is room in the container you use (we love using a ball jar) so that the rice and dhal can expand (and if you’re using a ball jar feel free to cover it with the lid, but do not screw the lid on).

  2. In the morning, throw out the water and rinse the rice and mung beans well.

  3. Add fresh water, filling the jar up to just under the grain mixture.

  4. Combine the grains, water, a pinch of baking powder and cinnamon in a blender and blend until it becomes a batter. Set aside.

  5. Add sliced fruit and some oil (coconut oil or ghee) or water, to a pan. Simmer the fruit until its cooked all the way through.

  6. In a separate pan, heat up a little coconut oil and cook the batter like a pancake!

  7. Put the pancake on the plate and top it with the cooked fruit and a little coconut syrup if you desire!

  8. Any leftover batter can be saved in the refrigerator for another day! If you want to use the same batter for savory and sweet pancakes, omit the cinnamon from the batter. (Serves 2)