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nourishing, warming, lubricates the skin BACK TO BOTANICALS
Warming, unctuous, and astringent, walnuts can benefit vata when consumed after soaking and roasting. Their oil is nourishing and lubricating for the skin, digestive system, and the brain.
Juglans Major, Juglandsaceae. Walnuts are frequently used in India as a food offering for the mother goddess Vaisnav, and as a dry food for festival season. Ninety-nine percent of walnuts used today are grown in the central valley of California. In their history as a medicinal food, walnuts have always been considered as a central nervous tonic, unsurprising when we consider how much the walnut resembles the shape of the brain.

Nourishes the skin and hair

Benefits the brain and central nervous system

Lubricates digestion and promotes regularity

Rich in essential fatty acids

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