Ayurvedic Consultation with Martha

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1.5 Hrs: $285

Follow-Up: $120

Ayurvedic consultations are a great way to begin your journey.  In a consultation, Martha, Surya's Ayurvedic doctor, can assess your body's core nature and imbalances, and create a plan for your unique situation, which may simply be some diet changes and herbal recommendations.  For first-time clients starting a Panchakarma series, consultations are also highly advised. In a consultation, Martha will spend an hour and a half with you, taking your Ayurvedic pulse, starting a conversation and helping you understand what can be done to make things better, both at Surya and with easy changes at home.

If you'd like a follow-up consultation to assess progress or to check in after you finish a PK series, that's also easily arranged.

Long distance Consultations, preferably via Skype or FaceTime, can also be scheduled.   Please contact ushere.  

Book a consultation with Martha, and start your healing journey...