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I Tried the $500 Ayurvedic Spa Treatment That Gwyneth Paltrow Swears By, September 2015

Just about every A-lister (think Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Amber Valletta, and Kourtney Kardashian) is a fan... Was it also the singularly most euphoric spa experience I’ve ever had in my life? 100 percent...


Sri Mati and Martha Talk About Ayurveda, April 2018

Ayurveda and it's powerful support for the divine body to heal itself with Martha Soffer founder of Surya Spa.


In Style got their “Gwyneth Panchakarma Moment”

If you’re anything like me, and you have a baby at home and are working full-time, you leap—and maybe even weep a bit—when offered the chance to be doused with warm oils. Soffer was coming to New York, and I scored an appointment to sample her ancient Indian healing treatments... Three hours later I floated home, as restored as ever...



Of all the spa experiences we’ve ever tried in Los Angeles, Surya Spa has been the most incredible. Surya Spa, perched in a beautiful residence on the cliffs of the Palisades, has been the insider wellness babe’s go-to spot for detoxifying Ayurvedic treatments for years. Starting this week, and at every change of season throughout the year, Surya’s Martha Soffer will be available for this indulgent menu of treatments below exclusively inside the super luxe Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills...


MBG on Surya Spa: I Spent 5.5 Hours In An Ayurvedic Spa. Here’s What Happened, January 2016

About a month ago, I had my very first Ayurvedic experience in Jaipur at Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic while I was visiting partly for pleasure and partly to shoot a campaign I was working on (I’m a stylist and content creator). Two weeks later when I was working in Los Angeles, I found myself curious for more, so I decided to visit Surya, an Ayurvedic spa in the Pacifc Palisades. More spa treatments personalized to not only make you feel great but also cure what ails you? Yes, please...


Bon Appetite Surya Summer Picks, July 2017

Martha Soffer is one of the most sought-after ayurvedic therapists in L.A. and the founder of Surya Spa in LA’s Pacific Palisades, where everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Kourtney Kardashian to stressed-out UCLA college students go for Soffer's hardcore “Panchakarma” series: a five-day-detox based on Ayurvedic principles. 



I buy my ghee from Martha Soffer because she taught me to take ghee every morning. Plus, I trust all of the ingredients she uses. She sells it online so I strongly recommend purchasing it from her...


Angeleno, Super Healers2017

Martha is one Los Angeles' super healers. 

An acclaimed ayurvedic doctor and chef, herbalist, and master ayurvedic plus diagnostician, Martha Soffer studied the ancient from of medicine in India, as well as at the Maharishi University in Iowa and the American University of Complementary Medicine in Beverly Hills... 



Infrared Saunas, Detox Spas, and the Best Spots for Colonics Surya Spa is no joke—in fact, it’s one of only a handful of Panchakarma spots in the states. That said, it takes a pretty intense level of commitment that’s a bit out of reach unless you have the vacation time and budget...


NEw You Magazine, January 2018

You name it, I’ve done it. I’m that kind of woman. I’m not afraid to experiment. I’m game for anything even if it seems too crazy. And if I’m not satisfied, I just move on to the next “big thing”.

Meditation, hypnosis, emotional freedom technique, shamanic healing, pranic healing, qigong healing, ionic foot baths, infrared saunas, pneumatic compression, acupressure, homeopathy, herbs, colonics, crystals, cleanses, enlightened medicinal techniques (whatever that means), and every damn diet imaginable I’ve tried it all. I even went to a blind acupuncturist. You read that correctly. A blind acupuncturist...



We asked our community of gluten-savvy women in wellness to dish out their faves and we’re sharing their responses below. Erewhon Market’s housemade loaves are the clear winner of our ‘best gluten-free bread’ competition. Grindstone Bakery pulled in as a close second with their fresh-baked GF gems. And our personal special mentions must go out to Surya Spa’s killer almond flour breads…


Self-Care Gifts That Give a Serious Dose of TLC, Popsugar, December 2017

Nothing says self-care and stress relief quite like a long, hot soak in the bath. Luxury, indulgence, and TLC merge together with this muscle-relieving bath soak, which uses calendula and arnica flowers to give some serious soothing.


Vogue, October 2017

When I heard about the new Nasya treatment being offered, which opens the nasal cavities and strengthens the upper respiratory system, to their roster of detoxifying facials and four-handed massages, I immediately signed myself up.


Amber Valletta for The Cut, June 2012

Amber Valletta shares her secrets for clear, clean, luminous skin, including masks, oils and herbs crafted for her specially by Surya Spa. 


How to Glow with Surya Spa, FEBRUARY 2014

Tucked away in the Pacific Palisades you’ll find Martha Soffer’s majestic Surya Spa, offering transformative Ayurvedic treatments that will give you balance, clarity, and the ultimate glow. Nourishing. Detoxifying. Balancing. Healing. Restorative. Martha hand-makes every individual herb blend, which she cooks overnight with healing oils for the next day’s treatments...


The Local Rose: Panchakarma With Martha, April 2013

Martha Soffer is a wise, compassionate healer in the Ayurvedic tradition. Surya Spa is her clinic in a house in the Pacific Palisades, where after a session she will feed you a nourishing delicious meal of organic daal and vegetables cooked in coconut oil. I went to her to experience the benefits of the ancient and profound oil and herb treatment called Panchakarma which detoxifies your system as it rebalances...


OMGhEe: Shive Rose on Surya's Ghee, Febuary 2014

After I went to Surya Spa for the first time, the lovely, wise, sage Martha suggested I eat a spoonful of ghee every morning. Ghee has so many health benefits but also can add to luminosity to skin and hair. (Martha actually says its why she doesn’t have any grey hairs!)...


The Local Rose: Panchakarma With Martha Part 2, May 2013

Panchakarma is an ancient, nourishing, profoundly healing series of treatments that rejuvenates your body, detoxifying all the tissues, and restoring balance.  In Ayurveda, our imbalances are the root of all disease… from serious conditions to minor concerns like lack energy, or restlessness, or any discomfort.  We all know this — when we feel balanced, we feel good...