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Healing resources

Ayurveda, translated as the Wisdom of Life, understands that our health and well-being encompass more than our physical bodies. Psychological, emotional, and even energetic fields play a part, and when these come into balance, our whole system heals. At Surya, guests work with Howard Wills, Surya’s full-field wellness expert.  In 30 or 60 minute sessions, they often experience an energetic, psychological, and even physical release, which leads to more joyful lives filled with well-being and freedom. We give these sessions our highest recommendation, just as effective on the phone as in person.
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The balance that simple meditation can bring to mind and body rests at the core of Ayurveda. At Surya, we love the ease and effectiveness of the scientifically-validated Transcendental Meditation technique. This effortless technique is taught in four sessions by specially trained TM Teachers, and can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. With this technique, results are felt almost immediately — less stress, better health, a better frame of mind — and at Surya, we look forward to our 20-minute morning and afternoon sessions, every day.
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The art of Vedic astrology — Jyotish, or the Science of Light — predates Western astrology by thousands of years. Surya’s Jyotishi, Michael Nourse, analyzes the complex planetary patterns at your birth and offers pragmatic suggestions to help you navigate your life's journey, align with your highest self, and create success and harmony on all levels. Valuable and uncannily accurate, a Jyotish reading is practical personally, for relationships, and in business. At Surya, guests turn to this wonderful resource when additional guidance and insight is required.
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