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Surya Spa Single Day Treatments

Day Treatments

In addition to immersive Panchakarma Series, Surya offers day treatments, the perfect way to experience a taste of Ayurveda, and experience its lasting benefits.


Single Day Treatments

Surya’s treatments are not just soothing and enjoyable, they open the door for meaningful transformation.

Surya’s treatments offer unique benefits—a customized warm oil Shirodara leaves you in a deeply meditative state, an energizing and invigorating Udvartana scrub softens your skin and enlivens your senses, a deep-tissue Vishesh massage melts away built-up tension. Even a single one-hour treatment leaves you with a renewed sense of well-being, and a restored connection to your own body and spirit.

Nourish and Restore / Abhyanga + Shirodara Surya Spa
Nourish and Restore / Abhyanga + Shirodara

Surya’s Signature Abhyanga nourishes your body and restores a youthful glow to your skin. This luxurious full-body therapy can be followed by our Shirodara, where oil infusions, streamed over your forehead, profoundly calm your nervous system and dissolve stress.

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Revitalize / Vishesh Surya Spa
Revitalize / Vishesh

Vishesh is the vigorous Ayurvedic version of the more commonly known Deep Tissue massage. In this massage, a pair of Surya therapists work in tandem to melt tension and soothe sore muscles for a full Ayurvedic experience. The 90-minute version begins with a gentle Abhyanga massage that calms and opens the nervous system before working deeper into muscle.

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Elevated Vitality / Nasya Surya Spa
Elevated Vitality / Nasya
starts at $245

Surya’s Nasya is an invigorating and cleansing therapy during which a single therapist focuses on your face, neck, and shoulders. Wonderful to receive, and also wonderfully purifying, our Nasya uses specially herbalized oils, vigorous massage, traditional Ayurvedic wood and bone tools, herbalized aromatic steam, and soothing oils to open nasal passages and help clear the mind, leaving guests in a heightened state of clarity and vitality.

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The Glow Surya Spa
The Glow
3 HOURS PER DAY / $600

This treatment was originally designed for Brides to help them look and feel their best before the wedding. In L.A., this treatment is also requested during Awards Season, and some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities come regularly to Surya to get their Ayurvedic glow on. Customized oils, masks, rubs… this Series makes a visible difference. The Glow is the real deal, from the inside out. We recommend booking 3 consecutive days of The Glow for optimal results.

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Radiant Energy / Udvartana Scrub Surya Spa
Radiant Energy / Udvartana Scrub

An Udvartana begins with our signature four-handed Abhyanga massage using customized, herbalized oils, and is followed with an invigorating, full-body Ayurvedic scrub made from green organic coffee, sugar, herbs, and herbalized oils. An Udvartana promotes weight loss, circulation, and charges your system with energy.

Lights & Bliss - Abhyanga & Chakra Light Balancing Surya Spa
Lights & Bliss - Abhyanga & Chakra Light Balancing

After our gentle, four-handed herbal oil massage melts the stress from your physical body, an Ayurvedic Color Therapy session under our Crystal Lights soothes and realigns your ener getic body. During Chakra Light Balancing, you’ll also be guided through a deep meditation, addressing whatever areas you’d like to focus on, such as health, phycology or relationships. Guests often experience a surprising, transformative, and lasting peace.

Love Therapy / Lakshmi & Roses Surya Spa
Love Therapy / Lakshmi & Roses

This exquisite cacao & rose therapy begins with a revitalizing, four-handed dry-brushing, followed by our signature Abhyanga, and a decadent chocolate body mask with rare rose oil and pure cacao. As shea and cocoa butter secret you away in a sacred rose sanctuary, your heart blossoms. As a gift, take home a beautiful Surya Bath and dry brushes.

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The Gentle Unwind / Kosha Yojana Surya Spa
The Gentle Unwind / Kosha Yojana

In this exclusive, nurturing therapy offered by Surya’s Ayurvedic experts trained in Craniosacral therapy, you remain fully-clothed as gentle touch effortlessly releases deeply stored tensions. As your kohsas, or body layers, return to alignment, there is often a delightful experience of clarity and well-being, and a natural sense of connectedness to our inner wisdom, as well as a feeling of emotional freedom and lasting ease.

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