Santa Barbara Mother Baby

  • SINGLE DAY Treatment Rate & Ayurvedic MeaL For Two: $335

  • 6 Days/Week 6-Week Program (30% discount)

  • 4 Days/Week 6-Week Program (20% Discount)

  • 3 Days/Week 6-Week Program (10% DISCOUNT)

  • Additional Daily Meals: $14


Ayurvedic Baby Massage Lessons and Food prep Lessons are Included With Any Package

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Santa Barbara Mother Baby 6 Week Program

Follow your consultation or trimester treatments with Surya’s highly restorative 6- Week Ayurvedic Postpartum Mother & Baby Program. Our loving Ayurvedic Mother Baby therapists come to your home up to 6 days a week and provide traditional and healing Ayurvedic therapies that will restore you and your baby to your fullest potentials. This daily 2-3 hour visit includes:

  • Mother & Baby Postpartum Doula Care

  • Daily Ayurvedic Mother Massage Based On The Mother’s Changing Needs

  • Meal Preparation For Two (upon request)

Because we know your new life will be busy and unpredictable, Surya’s Mother & Baby Program moves with the needs of you and your family.  Your treatments, your schedule — even your organic Ayurvedic oils which are herbalized and cooked each night — are all prepared just for you, and adaptable as you and your baby discover the new rhythms of life.  Whether you choose single treatments or the traditional Six-Week Ayurvedic Mother & Baby Series, or even full Ayurvedic Doula services that span from pregnancy through birth and the weeks following, you will be nursed and nourished back to perfect health.

Our Mother Baby Doulas at Surya provide Ayurvedic support, education and daily care for your postpartum needs, all customized and designed to help you return to lasting balance and well-being, as well as, of course, helping ensuring the optimal and happiest development of your healthy, beautiful and growing baby.

We also offer Fertility Assistance at our location in Los Angeles

For The Mom

  • Fast Childbirth Recover

  • Natural Weight Loss

  • Hormonal Balancing

  • Successful Lactation

  • Improved Breast & Uterine Health

For The Baby

  • Digestive Health

  • Strong Immune Health

  • Improved Motor Skills

  • Rapid Behavioral Development

Prenatal Offerings



Either before conception or before birth, meet with Martha at Surya Spa for an Ayurvedic Consultation to determine your treatment plan. Enjoy an organic Ayurvedic lunch and leave with personalized Mother Baby massage oils.


In the comfort of your own home, trimester treatments help to balance your body, offer some relief from the changes your body is undergoing, fight against stretch marks and take some time for yourself to release stress. 

We are so excited to start working with you and your family. Please contact us below to say hi, and learn more!

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