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Surya, the leader of modern Ayurveda, innovates within Ayurveda’s comprehensive system of well-being. Through natural products, education, and transformative, nourishing treatments, Surya’s Ayurveda helps restore your balance and health, and revive your natural connection with nature and spirit.
experience profound transformation Surya Spa
experience profound transformation
ancient wisdom, modern application

Surya’s premium Ayurvedic treatments, designed for your healing needs, bring you to a lasting state of well-being.

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Meet Martha Surya Spa
Meet Martha
Ayurvedic Expert and Founder of Surya Spa
Visit Us At The Proper Hotel Surya Spa
Visit Us At The Proper Hotel
Reopening in January in Santa Monica
Take Ayurveda Home Surya Spa
Take Ayurveda Home
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"It was the singularly most euphoric spa experience I've ever had in my life…I know money can't buy you happiness, but in this case, I think it can get you pretty damn close to pure bliss."
"The house-made organic food and authentic Panchakarma treatments reach far beyond what you'll find in a traditional wellness spa... The results—which can range from better skin to weight loss—speak for themselves."
"That was the most memorable part of the experience: lots of people rubbing me with healing herbs and kneading every inch of each limb. Nirvana! Three hours later I floated home as restored as ever."

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