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Frequently Asked Questions

Panchakarma (or PK) is the ancient Ayurvedic series of nourishing, detoxifying, and restorative treatments, which, typically occur over the course of 5-21 consecutive days and dramatically improve health and well-being by returning balance to the body.  Using the best and simplest aspects of Ayurvedic medicine through a combination of simple diet changes, herbal remedies, warm oil, and other transformative daily therapies. Panchakarma lets the body rest, open and heal. Accumulated toxins naturally fall away, health improves, longevity and wellness are strengthened, and disease is averted.

At Surya, each day of Panchakarma starts with an Abhyanga (four-handed oil therapy using individually herbalized oils) and finishes with a Shirodhara (warm herbalized oil or fresh coconut water, poured in a healing stream over the third eye to provide deep rest and restoration to the nervous system).  There is also a customized basti (a light and traditional enema of oil or herbalized tea, depending on your health concerns), which helps gently remove toxins from the body. In between the warm oils of an Abhyanga and Shirodhara, you will also receive an additional healing therapy, based on your concerns and the progress in your Panchakarma treatment.

Each day of Panchakarma treatment is profound and immersive, lasting about 4 hours, with sessions starting at 8:30 AM or 1:15 PM. An organic Ayurvedic Lunch of traditional dhal, basmati rice, and farmer’s market vegetables is included each day. Breakfasts and dinners can also be arranged.

Panchakarma is meant for anyone looking to cultivate profound well-being. Whether you’re dealing with a chronic illness or are just feeling a bit run down and stressed, we can help you return to vibrant health. People come to us to heal from physical and emotional trauma, improve fertility, and heal from chronic and acute illness. Panchakarma is traditionally a seasonal reset, meant to be done at the change of seasons four times a year. Doing Panchakarma frequently is preventative care at its best. It returns you to your truest form both physically and spiritually, leaving you lighter and more resilient.

Women who are on their cycle cannot do Panchakarma. Make sure that you plan your Panchakarma accordingly so that you are not bleeding for the duration of your treatment series.

After you schedule your Panchakarma series, we will reach out to you with instructions, including a weeklong prep diet and ghee therapy to loosen toxins. You’ll be eating simply and healthily leading up to your series to prepare your body for the deep detoxification that you will be going through. 

Following your Panchakarma series, we recommend slowly easing back into your everyday life and diet while sticking to the self care and dietary recommendations that Martha provides for your constitution.

We recommend scheduling a consultation before doing a Panchakarma series so that our Ayurvedic Expert Martha can pinpoint your unique imbalances and prepare oils and treatments specifically for you. A phone consultation is perfectly fine if you’re coming in from out of town. If you’re unable to do a consultation before beginning your Panchakarma journey, make sure to let us know your general health concerns when you schedule so that we can prepare custom herbalized oils for your first day of treatment. 

You do not need to schedule a consultation before any of our single-day treatments.

We offer a range of shorter treatments that offer rejuvenation and healing in 2.5 hours or less. These treatments range from a luxurious yet simple Vishesh (four-handed deep tissue massage using custom Ayurvedic oils) to a transcendent Nasya (an invigorating and clearing head, face, and upper body treatment). We offer Ayurveda for all, whether you’re looking for just a taste or want to dive into the deep end. See our single day treatment offerings here. 

After Panchakarma, you will feel uplifted, clean, centered, and calm. Your mind, spirit, and your body, will be at peace. Pain and health issues will be reduced, and often eliminated. Best of all, the effects and benefits of your experience will be profound, and long-lasting. Panchakarma, in its simplest understanding, is a full reset of mind, body, and even of spirit. Panchakarma is, in the end, a return to your own, true, natural self.


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