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Surya Spa Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby

Surya’s Mother Baby Program sets the stage for the most valuable experience for parents and their growing baby, and for the ongoing and maximum health and wellness of the family.



Surya’s Mother Baby Program focuses on natural fertility, conscious conception, nourishing prenatal treatments and a six-week in-home postpartum program.

Ayurveda was born 10,000 years ago, its ancient roots nurtured by the Tamil Siddhas of southern India who developed a system of life-extension, life-enhancement, and a natural approach to nourish body, mind, and spirit.  this system also offers comprehensive support to new mothers and parents in the fields of fertility, conception, pregnancy, and postpartum.  And it’s one of Surya’s greatest loves.   Under the care of Ayurveda, the physical and emotional transformation that begins at conception and continues through postpartum provides new mothers with a tremendous opportunity. During this period of rapid change, Surya’s Mother Baby Program sets the stage for the most valuable experience for parents and their growing baby, and for the ongoing and maximum health and wellness of the family.

6-Week Mother Baby Postpartum Series Surya Spa
6-Week Mother Baby Postpartum Series
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In Ayurveda, the six weeks following birth are the most precious and important time for mother and baby — formative for the baby, reformative for the mother.  During this time, the mother's physiology is as delicate as her newborn's, and mothers can honor this opportunity to reset their body in a way that makes them stronger than ever.  Surya's in-home Postpartum Treatment helps mothers recover more quickly from childbirth, with faster hormonal rebalancing, a higher rate of successful lactation, better breast and uterine health, and quick and natural weight loss. And a healthy, happy, and nurtured mother can best nurture her baby. Surya's Doulas also teach parents how to provide an Ayurvedic Baby Massage using oils prepared just for the baby, helping to establish deep and lasting communication between parent and child, and, as research shows, to help babies develop stronger immune systems, healthier behavioral patterns, and more rapid motor skills. Surya’s Doulas come to your home up to six days a week for 1.5 to 2.5 hours, centering their visit around a deeply soothing and restorative abhyanga. Each visit is also opportunity to receive help with lactation, diet, baby issues, and any other support you might need. Surya's Doulas can provide time-proven herbal remedies, and teach you how to prepare simple and nourishing Ayurvedic meals, or, as an option, prepare delicious Ayurvedic meals for you and your partner. This six-week window sets the stage the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby for years to come.

Initial Assessment Surya Spa
Initial Assessment
90 MINUTES / $395

This specialised consultation welcomes you to the world of ayurvedic family medicine, from family planning and fertility care, to pregnancy, labor prep, and postpartum support. Martha and her team will take the time to consider the health history of you and your partner, and talk with you both about your goals for creating a happy and healthy family. She will outline a plan for whatever phase you are in, offering you holistic ayurvedic care including nutrition and lifestyle advice and custom herbal remedies. When applicable she will design a transformative panchakarma series for you both (our conscious conception retreat) and create a treatment plan to support your entire journey as new parents including in home postpartum care for the first 40 days after birth. We love your commitment to grow your family with ayurvedic care, a medicine that nourishes and supports you and your children physically and spiritually. We are here for you through every important step.

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Conscious Conception Surya Spa
Conscious Conception

Ayurveda seeks to balance, nourish and enrich, and in the case of parenthood, that process traditionally begins from the moment a couple wishes to conceive. At Surya, each partner participates in a weeklong Panchakarma Series, which helps the body eliminate physical and emotional toxins, and in this case, is especially focused on creating healthy, strong, and balanced eggs and sperm. Ayurveda also understands that the journey towards motherhood begins with a proper preparation of the womb. A mother's womb is the baby's first home, and Ayurveda helps bring that home to its most nourished and most nourishing state, creating the optimal conditions for the smoothest pregnancy, and for the healthiest and happiest baby. Giving the growing baby the best environment, the best beginning, the best of each parent blended and balanced on the level of doshas, sets the baby firmly on the path of health and wellness. Where infertility is a challenge, Ayurveda provides effective and natural practices and therapies such as diet, herbs, treatments and home routines. Many couples who have failed at western treatments, such as IVF, find success at Surya with natural, Ayurvedic protocols.

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Prenatal Treatments Surya Spa
Prenatal Treatments
90 min / $375

With new life growing inside you, with your body undergoing rapid changes, literally stretching, you need to be nurtured, as well, physically and emotionally. Surya’s Trimester Treatments, provided by Surya’s certified Ayurvedic Mother Baby Doulas, begin in your second trimester. They are wonderfully nourishing, soothing, and stress-releasing, and the warm, herbalized oils are also designed to prevent or decrease stretch-marks. These gentle full body massages, known as trimester abhyangas, are tuned to your stage of pregnancy, and to your baby’s changing needs.

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Ayurvedic Birth Preparation Surya Spa
Ayurvedic Birth Preparation
90 MIN / $375

Surya Birth Preparation Sessions are designed for mothers near full term, now ready for the specialized Ayurvedic therapies that help painlessly dilate the cervix, open and align the pelvic bones and muscles, and position the baby for the safest, easiest passage. Surya’s prep therapies include custom botanical oils and traditional herbal support to promote healthy levels of birth hormones, tone the uterine muscles, and nourish the yoni and cervix for maximum elasticity and blood flow. Surya’s Doulas will also gently activate marma points to promote a healthy, easy labor, and demonstrate the best yoga asanas for comfortably carrying to full term and birthing gracefully. Surya’s Doulas will also guide you through the use of pranayama breath techniques that set the stage for deep relaxation and pain relief, and will teach primordial mantras and chants to create exactly the right vibrations to aid and support the birthing journey.


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